11 Must Have Apps for Business

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Are you planning to start a business? If you are, then you might as well be acquainted with the technology side of the business. There are numerous gadgets and apps for business that can ease your business experience. Some of these applications are simply useful while others are necessary for any business owner. Their application generally cuts across all business markets. This read will help you be acquainted with some of these applications.

Must Have Apps for Business Owners

  1. Google wallet– This application is open to both Android and Apple users. The Google wallet allows the user to perform various functions such as sending and receiving money from other people, keeping a record of the details of your loyalty program and keeping your gift cards, among other things. With this application, you do not even have to keep carrying your credit cards constantly. It allows the user to have access to their money at any time or location. This application helps you to handle money securely.
  2. Mailtracker– Just as the name suggests, this application deals with emails. It notifies the user when someone receives and views an email. You no longer have to worry if you sent your email to someone’s spam. However, it is currently only accessible to Apple users.
  3. Refresh– Currently, this application solely applies to Apple users, but it will inclusively be available to Android users soon. Attending meeting is hectic. You have to know who will be there to get your facts right prior to the event, then this is the app for you. It will claw through public information and furnish you with all the relevant information about all the new potential contacts who will attend the meeting. It also provides you with enough tools to save this information for future access. This will help you secure important business connections for your business.
  4. Locale– Just as the name suggests, this application deals with geographical areas. Currently, it is solely available for android phones. Say goodbye to loud and awkward phone rings during a meeting. You can now automatically adjust your volume once you are in different areas. This saves you the energy and embarrassment that comes with such a situation. In addition to this, the application is so independent that it allows you to manage your battery power at different locations. This is handy when you visit places that do not have electrical outlets, thus you may need to save battery power.
  5. Cloze– Marketing is one of the most crucial aspects of managing a business. You have to know how to reach your target audience. Social media marketing has grown over the years with the influx of social media platforms and subscribers. Currently, social media is the main marketing strategy for most firms, business, and companies. Thus, it becomes taxing to keep managing multiple social media platforms at once. This application solves this issue. It allows you to access all your social media platforms through it. In addition to this, you can also access the company email through it. You can personalize your experience by prioritizing certain users and filtering posts at once across all the platforms. Currently, it is only available to Apple user, but it will soon accommodate android users as well.
  6. Level money– Keeping up with your finances is an essential duty for nay business holder. This application makes your work easier by tracking it down for you. It will help you improve your spending and keep track of your savings. It allows the user to set up a budget that caters to the finances of the business. Both Android and Apple users can access the benefits of this application.
  7. Add appt. – Manage your contacts automatically through this application. It updates your contact list and loads them into your devices automatically. It is available for both Android and Apple users. It synchronizes with the contact lists of your contacts and updates their new contacts to your gadgets too. This saves you the time of asking for a particular contact. In addition to this, it increases your marketing base.
  8. Focus lock– This brilliant application is exclusive to Android users. Just as the name suggest, this application taps into your focus. This application is helpful t people who are easily distracted. The user uses the application to block out other application to boost their concentration. It taps into productivity and allows the user to manage their time more responsibly. It is beneficial to people who have to meet important deadlines.
  9. Air display 2– picture yourself pitching a particular idea to your boss or a potential investor. As you make your presentation, you might want to keep them involved. This application allows you to turn your iPad into a monitor for your computer. Thus, it makes work easier if you have multiple things to show your boss or investor. Currently, it is only available to Apple users.
  10. Sign Now– With the aid of this application, you can get rid of the stacks of paper in your office that require signatures. This application allows the user to sign documentation anywhere and at any time digitally. It is available for both Android and Apple users. It is a secure way of getting your work done. You no longer have to fly to a certain location just because your signature is needed on a certain document. The application runs free if the user signs a minimum of five signatures each month.
  11. Gusto (Zen Payroll) – This accounting and finance application will keep your benefits, tax, and payroll in check. It makes your work easier by automatically reporting to the government about any new employees. It handles any employee tax and deductions, and emails all the details to the employees for record keeping.  This efficient application will save you the cost of paying an accountant.

Increase productivity by getting any or all of the above applications. Navigate these seamless applications for the benefit of your business’ future. These applications cater to the organization, payment, time management, communication, accounting, and even finance.

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