How to Sell on Amazon: A Beginner’s Guide

how to sell on amazon
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With the internet having so much to offer some things that one may do is start sell9ing on amazon. Amazon is one of the biggest online shops that is known and it is also international. One is open to buying and selling if they wish to. Some things that one may easily take into consideration before they start selling on amazon include:

  1. Find Products to Sell On Amazon

One may easily resell whole sale goods which is one of the traditional way of doing things or even the selling of the goods themselves. However, many sellers have been able to break away from the traditional methods and found variety of ways that they may easily find to sell their goods. Listed below are some product sourcing method that one may easily follow

  • Retail arbitrage

This is a very simple process that involves one buying products in retail stores at much reduced prices and reselling the on Amazon. People who are involved in this work normally use scouting apps in order to see how much profit they will be able to make as it shows the current price on the market, weighs the competition and tells one if there is profit in the specific investment.

  • Reselling wholesale goods 

This is one of the traditional methods that one may choose to use whereby an individual may buy products in bulk or from the manufacturer directly and resell them at a markup. The advantage of this type of method is one is able to make profit, on the downside is someone has to buy the goods in bulk. One is then advised to do their homework before making an investment that may or may not pay off.

  • Selling Private label products

This is whereby one may buy goods from the manufactures and then package and market them using their own brand. It may be cosmetics or even skincare products. One is then able to build on their brand and make it grow for themselves. However one is expected to buy the products in bulk.

  • Manufacturing & handmade

When one is able to market their product themselves, they need to understand that there are fees that will be included which may prove to be a challenge such as the Amazon seller fees for handmade goods. In the event that one is able to keep up with the fee and the product actually does pick up then they need to keep up with production

  • Drop shipping

This involves one being able to list an item for sale then once it has been ordered, the drop ship vendor then is able to ship the item to the person purchasing it and the only cost one may incur is the cost of the item. However, there are challenges attached to this method such as quality, inventory shortages among other issues that may arise due to this.

  1. Select and set up your Amazon seller Account

One has two options that they may easily select from i.e. an individual seller account or a pro seller account. With the pro seller account one is able to get more features, but they will need to pay $39.99/mo. While with the individual there is no fee except the 99 cents per item fees. Though both accounts are expected to pay product fees when item sell. One may easily opt for the pro account, however, they may also start off with the individual accounts just to be able to taste the waters before making a huge investment in the account.

  1. Create your product listings on Amazon

When it comes to creation of the product listings one may easily opt for either adding of their items to already existing product listings or creating a new product list for the item. The former is normally the one that most individuals would prefer as it is the simplest. One also needs to keep in mind that they need to make profits at all times regardless of the market. Making profit is very essential to any business because that was the whole goal in the first place. One needs to also be able to pick the best listing while thinking about their product and one is advised against adding multiple listings as this may create a problem with inventory for the specific individual.

  1. Manage your own inventory

Being able to fully manage inventory is the key to any successful business. One needs to know that Amazon is able to lower an account’s rating in e vent that they are unable to ship a product that has been ordered. One is advised to always keep their inventory up to date in order to avoid certain problems that may arise when it comes to shipping and rating on Amazon. One is able to use various Amazon seller inventory management tools such as Inventory Lab & Scoutify, SellerEngine, Joe Lister, and Vendio among many others.

  1. Fulfill your Amazon orders

The last and major step is fulfilling shipping orders. One needs to understand that Amazon is all about customer satisfaction. One is advised to order in good timing in order to help the seller make the necessary arrangements needed. When one is planning on selling on Amazon, at times they may be required to ship the orders themselves or even outsource the service.

Most Amazon sellers actually start by doing the shipment of the goods themselves. This has been called Fulfillment by Merchant (FBM). In the event that one chooses to do the shipping themselves, then they may end up either choosing to do the shipment of the goods for free or charge for shipping only. One is required to have various packing items such as shipping boxes, packing tape, filler e.g. bubble wrap, a shipping scale and easy access to shippers for the package drop off, or a secure much as packaging a few orders may not be time-consuming, one needs to understand that they need to do the delivery in good timing regardless.

In conclusion, selling on Amazon may be an easy thing in the vent that one has done their homework well about the whole process. It actually is a good way for marketing and making profits at the same time.

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