How to Sell on Facebook with Shopify and Other Apps

how to sell on Facebook with shopify
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Facebook has been able to make the world into a global village as one is able to easily access various things and even shop while on the site. People have been able to get better access to each other and enjoy the company of the various platforms that one may easily use in order for them to take advantage of the various business opportunities that are presented by the application.

There are other applications that have been able to merge with Facebook to make the e-commerce industry more accessible to the other individuals. Shopify is able to ma one of the many applications that has been able to provide this service to many customers who are able to enjoy both the services offered by Facebook and the e-commerce application as well. Shopify is basically the ultimate e-commerce solution that is able to allow one to easily set up an online store in order for them to sell their goods.

Using the Shopify application one may easily be able to sell their products directly to their Facebook page and customers are able to easily checkout their goods without having to leave their Facebook page which is on their website. This makes it every convenient and easy to use as one is not forced to have to download various applications in order for them to actually shop for their goods. Some features that have been included when one is selling their products on Facebook with the help of Shopify or other apps include:

It is easy

The setup process is normally very straight forward and one need not go through a lengthy and slow process in order to be able to access the service. This then enables one to actually enjoy the whole process of registering with Shopify as they just need to go directly on Shopify and get all the instructions.

Saves time

Time is a very important commodity. The time that it may take for one to actually log into another application in order to enjoy the services provided may be very annoying and one may end up getting frustrated and lose interest in the whole process. However, one may is able to save on time using the Shopify application as it easily is able to sync to one’s Facebook shop hence one may easily update their Shopify account and it will automatically reflect on their Facebook page which is an amazing thing actually and time saving as one is not needed to do the same work twice.

Stay organized

One may easily keep track of their inventory on their Facebook shop as all the process with regard to inventory may easily be managed by the application. One is able to easily know when they need to restock or even when they need to make a change in the event that a certain commodity is not going. This then enable one to easily stay organized and also helps lift up the bulk of having to look into the inventory manually which is a very tedious and time-consuming process.

Customize collections

One may easily choose a specific niche of products that they may want to be featured on their Facebook shop. This is actually a very good thing as one may easily evaluate the products that are able to go easily and the products that are selling at a loss. Then one may easily remove the products that do not actually benefit the business and pay more attention to those that actually are able to grow one’s business and make a profit at the same time. As business is all about being able to make a profit.

Onsite checkout.

After a customer has been able to purchase their goods, they may easily checkout their goods from the online store without having to leave their Facebook accounts. This then makes it very convenient as the Facebook application is able to serve two purposes at the same time. This then reduces the long process of having to move from one application to the other in order to be able to use the services that are being offered.

Save and share

Nevertheless, the customers may easily save the product whereby they may easily access their Facebook accounts and prefer to the saved site, and they may easily purchase the goods being offered. This then makes it very efficient and customer friendly. In addition, the clients are able to easily share with their friends on the different products that one is selling which will then increase one’s customer base and one is able to actually kill two birds with one stone.

Eligibility requirements

For one to be able to sell their products using the Facebook platform there are some requirements that they need to be able to meet in order for them to actually list their product using the different applications. Come of the eligibility requirements include:

The store needs to be able to have a list of the products that it is selling and at the same time have a currency that may easily be supported by Facebook. This makes it easier for the customers to pay from different part of the world as not all currency is recognized by the applications

In addition, one is also required to have a Facebook page whereby all the products must be listed and one may easily access their products through the page or even contact them if need be.

Nevertheless, the Facebook site page also needs to have a specific customer email which a customer may easily use in order for them to contact the supplier. The email need to be a very valid email that bridges the gap between the consumer and the supplier.

In conclusion, one may easily purchase the Shopify application among many other affiliates that they may use in order to be able to enjoy the different benefits that they offer in the event that one is planning opening an online store.

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