The oh so not-Glamorous Life of an Entrepreneur 

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The life of an entrepreneur starts out with an idea that blossoms into a beautiful dream. Maybe the latest episode of Shark Tank sparked the tiniest ember of inspiration somewhere deep in your soul that made you think you could be the next real estate mogul like Barbara Corcoran. Maybe you watched a Gary Vaynerchuk or Tai Lopez video on YouTube and began to imagine yourself giving foul-mouthed motivational public speeches (because you can) or speed reading a book a day while jet-setting to Vegas for a conference. Those guys make it look so easy, right?

I mean, how hard can it be to start a business? Twenty-somethings are crushing it online every day and raking in the dough. But that is all just a pretty façade. Because honestly, in the beginning, being an entrepreneur sucks.

Sure, setting up your website and ordering business cards from Vistaprint is fun and exciting and you finally have something to tell people when they ask what you do for a living. Responding with “I’m the sole proprietor of a business that…” sounds damn good, doesn’t it? Kind of makes you feel all grown up.

But here’s the thing: none of those guys and gals who struck it big as entrepreneurs had an easy time of it. And guys like Tai Lopez don’t tell you just how hard it is to get established enough to start seeing a solid ROI.

life of an entrepreneur

In the beginning of any business venture, you the entrepreneur, bear the brunt of every aspect of standing up and running a business. I hope you have your most comfortable hustle and grind pants on because you’re going to need them.

You’ll be the one that has to spend 15+ hours a day making unsolicited calls and hammering out countless emails, trying to secure funding or attract clients. You’ll be the one that will max out your credit cards and have to explain to your spouse or partner why you’ll both be eating ramen noodles again for another week. You’ll be the one that misses most of your newborn baby’s most memorable moments because you’ll be out pounding the pavement pitching your business to prospects. You’ll be the one racking up all the polite but painful rejections.

There’s nothing easy about entrepreneurship. You lose sleep, you go broke, you fight with loved ones who don’t see the potential, you answer to angry clients and capital investors, and you will lose sight of your dream – the one thing that made you think you could pull this off in the first place. But then, when you’re just about to throw in the towel and start to look for a “real” job, you’ll get that first win.

Whether you land your first client or make your first sale, you will get the blast of adrenaline that will fuel you to your next client or sale. You’ll be able to justify all those long hours at the office or behind the computer and all those ramen noodles. You will fully embrace the suck and be able to gut through the next part of the entrepreneurial process to grow your little ember of an idea into a raging fire of success.

And even though you might’ve missed your child’s first steps and had to take a second mortgage out on your house in the beginning just to stay afloat, it’ll all have been worth it when you have a substantial college fund for the little one, and your banks accounts are deep in the green.

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