How to Use LinkedIn to Hire Employees

LinkedIn to Hire Employees
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Did you know approximately 467 million people are using LinkedIn worldwide? Now the world’s largest online professional networking platform, LinkedIn is changing the way the recruitment and hiring process operates. Gone are the days of stacks of applications piled upon your desk – today’s hiring process involves more scrolling than shuffling. You could be using LinkedIn to hire employees. But in an applicant pool as large as LinkedIn’s, how can you best weed out the unqualified candidates and find the real gems with potential?

For those who have only a free, basic account for themselves or their business, there are a few steps you can take to find only the most qualified people for consideration. But the real hiring power comes with LinkedIn’s paid premium services. Let’s take a quick look at both.

Free services (Basic Profile)

After ensuring either your business or personal LinkedIn profile (whichever you choose to use for hiring purposes) is updated and accurately reflects your intended purpose, one of the most efficient ways to find qualified applicants is to query your own network of contacts. Each of those contacts is in your network for a reason, right? Most of them will have a fair amount of knowledge of what you are looking for in an employee and may be able to offer suggestions or names of qualified job-seekers.

Using your status update boxes can also prove fruitful. By simply updating a status to reflect “Now Hiring,” those who follow your personal or company profiles, and are interested, will come to you.

How to use LinkedIn to Hire Employees

Paid Services (Premium Profile)

LinkedIn hosts an entire suite of services to aid you in your search for the ideal candidate. The costs can range widely between services, but each can be a highly effective way to get your openings in front of qualified eyes.

LinkedIn’s Recruiter Lite costs $99.95/month (when billed annually) and offers a guided search feature to help find the most qualified applicants within your third-degree network. With that, you’ll also have 30 Inmails to reach out to them directly.

Following that, the full Recruiter service can run upwards of $1k/month. For that price, you have access to LinkedIn’s entire 467-million-member network, a robust search tool that offers more than 20 filters to hone in on your ideal applicant pool, 150 Inmails to contact them directly, and a fully customizable pipeline to receive and screen applications, and interview potential hires.

One last major resource available is LinkedIn’s Job Posts. Based on the position and zip code you are looking to hire within, the cost of running job posts varies. Once placed, however, a recruitment ad runs for 30 days. Job posts are advertised to specifically targeted LinkedIn members whose profiles appear the perfect match for what you are looking for in an applicant – whether they are actively job seeking or not. You’ll also get 5 Inmails to open lines of communications with those candidates who best fill the bill of what you need.

With such a deep applicant pool and robust offering of services to refine and maximize your recruitment efforts, LinkedIn is now the best place to find your favorite future employee. I’ve listed the most popular tools to help in your search, but there are still many available that I haven’t mentioned. Have a look around here, and discover which is the best solution for your hiring needs.

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