Office Hacks That Have Made Entrepreneurs Successful

office hacks for entrepreneurs
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Entrepreneurs live at the edge of life. They have a myriad of things to do and practically no time. It is very easy to get overwhelmed and miss on all deadlines or even mess the next big contract that would have changed your life. Even as things appear everywhere, it is possible to get organized and run your new business like a well oiled machine. Here are sure office hacks for entrepreneurs that will transform your startup.

Define An Own Schedule

Success is a lover of routine. Watch the progress of a day or the seasons of the year. You can almost predict how it will be at 10 am or whether it will snow during Christmas. This is the same approach to personal life. Define what time you will wake up, when you get to your office, lunch hour, meeting with departmental heads, etc. It begins to build a corporate culture and responsibility over time. The schedule will be altered from time to time but it keeps you on toes by reminding you that certain tasks have not been completed.

Identify the tasks that can be completed during your most productive hours. The schedule should be aligned to your personality. It must also consider the availability of partners and fellow workers, such that you do not choose to work at midnight when most of your associates are unavailable. Prioritize your meetings, pitches, brainstorming sessions, etc during these hours. You will do a lot when your focus is at 100%.

Minimize Distractions 

Entrepreneurs are at liberty to create own spaces. However, this freedom is easily misused and may lead to failure. One of the most common distractions is the phone. Today, it is a source of live streaming, news, conversations, music, etc. You will not do much if you keep checking your phone for the message that has hit your inbox. With maximum concentration, you will achieve a lot.

Keep the phone on silent mode or use apps that allow you to access call logs later. Set time to make calls, catch up with friends, watch news, listen to music, etc. Utilize the hours you will be traveling, waiting for appointments, taking a break, etc to check your social media or respond to notifications. In fact, it is recommended that you sleep with the phone away, and where possible in another room.

Identify your Most Important Tasks

This is something that every successful person, and especially entrepreneur, has done. This is a classic asset that has defined the lives of successful people. The formula is to set five minutes every day in the morning to identify what must be accomplished. You then set another five in the evening to review what needs to be done. Even if other things do not get done, you will have moved your life a notch higher.

The Most Important Task should be related to your ultimate goal. It must be an endeavor to raise the value, quality or profile of your product. It must also have a long term end to it. The MIT is also a building block for your business. If you do not have to make that call, then, preparing for your next presentation should take preference. This approach ensures that you make strides in your business.

Carry A Notebook 

The best ideas in life do not emerge when you are on your desk. They pop up while you are waiting for coffee, on the train to work, in the lift, at the lounge waiting for your appointment, etc. They will be lost if you have no notebook to log these ideas.

The notebook is also supposed to remind you of the details of what you need to do. Remember that time you did not pick something from the supermarket because you forgot? The cure lies with noting everything down. The notebook may come in the form of a phone, index card, etc. Jot down reminders, ideas that pop in, persons to call, etc. This will keep your schedule thorough and ensure that all planned tasks are executed.

There Is A Two Minutes Rule

The idea is that a task that will take less than two minutes to complete should be expedited and given priority. From assessment, it takes longer to complete such a task in future because you have to plan for it. Further, it occupies your time and mental space, preventing you from focusing on other more important tasks.

The simple idea is to prevent waste of time and piling of minor tasks that will eventually overwhelm you. It is a way of picking the low hanging fruits that give satisfaction and prevent you from losing valuable time or resources because of minor inconveniencies.

Multitasking Never Works

This is a character that many entrepreneurs claim to possess. However, research has shown that it is impossible for you to multitask and still be productive. You will look like a hapless headless chicken when you try to do a thousand things at the same time. You might be required to fulfill so much within a short time, but it will not work if you do not pay attention to the task at hand.

In fact, the idea of multitasking is meant to save time. However, from research, it has been established that multitasking wastes valuable time. You would better complete a single task and move to the next instead of attempting to do everything at the same time. Focusing on a single task at a time enables you to retain more details because you pay more attention, work faster and spend less energy.

There Is An Ultradian Rhythm In Nature

This is a cycle that is natural to the body and takes 90 to 120 minutes. During this cycle, you will get a signal that you are tired, hungry, stressed, angry, etc. Take the appropriate action based on the signal set by the body. You can go for a walk, take a nap, eat, etc. You will rejuvenate the body and make your mind more productive during the next cycle.

Take full control of your life and schedule. Everything can be done, but it must not be done in a flash. It takes organization to get your business or startup flying. Organization will also protect you from burnout and help you create a corporate culture that makes your organization productive.

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