Solar Company Acquisition- Press Release Example

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Press Release-Solar Example

A press release is a written, official form of communication to the public. These statements are often intended for media outlet use in order to spread the message further. Typically, a press release is something that is deemed newsworthy and carries some importance or relevance.

A good rule of thumb is to keep the press release under 500 words and have the most important information in the first sentence or two. Even with a short statement, not everyone is going to read the entire document so summarizing the main topic at the beginning is best.

Below is an example from a few years ago that was released about the acquisition of Erus Energy, the solar company that I founded and of which I am currently the Chairman of the Board. *side note: the statement announces that GPB was a $700MM fund; it is now $1.8 billion.


$700MM PE Fund Acquires Erus Energy

Phoenix, AZ, August 2016. GPB Capital (, a New York based private equity and asset management firm, has acquired Erus Energy ( in its quest to build a billion dollar, fully integrated green energy business.

The Erus acquisition is a keystone investment in GPB’s energy strategy. Erus’ leadership position is supported by a unique and proprietary sales process which focuses on educating customers and taking a holistic approach to energy production and savings.

“This new partnership with GPB gives Erus a launch pad to be one of the most dynamic, fastest growing energy company’s in the US.” Jesse Gee, Chairman.

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