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Creating Quality Content: Solar Example

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For being in the solar business for over a decade, I don’t talk about the solar industry enough on this blog. In order to change that, here is the first half of a report that I put together on the residential solar market with tips for a potential solar customer.

Besides being beneficial for any reader that is interested in going solar, from a marketing point of view. This is a great example of quality content. The quality of content published online every day varies from very low to very high. In order to keep your content on the higher end of that scale, here is a simple tip: Every piece of content that your company publishes should have a purpose. For example, the purpose of the article found below is to help educate a potential customer in the solar market.

The Three Biggest Mistakes Homeowners Make When Buying or Leasing Solar Energy Solutions

As utility prices continue to move the cost of solar energy solutions are declining, more and more homeowners are making the decision to invest in solar energy. According to SEIA, the U.S. residential solar market is still building having grown from five years ago when the industry installed 3,000 MW of capacity annually while in 2018, the market will be more than three times larger with over 10,000 MW installed. And according to their report, in the first half of 2018 solar made up for almost 30% of all new electric capacity. According to The Solar Foundation, jobs in the solar industry have increased by 168% since 2010 reaching over 250,000 jobs in 2017.

As is the case in other fast-growth industries, there are countless numbers of service providers who want your business and who are driven to sell you as much as they can and for as much as they can without any consideration for your particular needs. Many solar companies typically propose a system based on how many panels they think they can squeeze on your roof.  From the collective experience of installing thousands of systems and over 10 a decade in business, we see many homeowners make these three common mistakes when buying or leasing solar energy systems.

1.) Failure to maximize your home’s energy efficiency prior to installing a system


We often ask a homeowner if they were to move and hire a mover (paid by the box and by the hour) would they have that mover move everything in their current garage and storage closets to their new home, or would you first purge a bunch of your “junk” first. Of course, all say that they would clean it out first, thus optimizing the home in preparation for their move. Similarly, if your home isn’t energy efficient, you will require more panels and spend more money in order to produce enough energy to cover both your use and your waste. A homeowner should evaluate and implement energy reduction solutions prior to installing energy production solar equipment.

2.) Not factoring the utility company’s multiple plan options when sizing a system


To finish reading the article, head over to erusenergy.com.

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