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How to Find and Utilize a Virtual Assistant

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Jesse Gee
Jesse Gee is an entrepreneur who has successfully built over a dozen businesses in the construction, finance, & insurance industries.

There comes a time in every entrepreneur’s life where business begins to pick up, and all those little ankle-biter tasks you used to be able to manage alone start to get pushed to the back burner, and the larger responsibilities of running the actual business take center stage. But at some point, those smaller tasks must be completed for your business to continue to deliver services. As a busy up-and-coming mogul, how are you supposed to get it all done by yourself? The answer lies in the form of an online presence known as a Virtual Assistant (VA).

how to use a virtual assistant


Where Can a Virtual Assistant Be Found?

The internet not only opened a bottomless well of opportunities for individuals to create lifestyles and incomes as solopreneurs online, but it also provides the medium to find and utilize the help of a VA. Again, thanks to globalization via the internet, your work can be outsourced to VA’s around the world, so you’ll have to be careful when hiring your VA. There are online agencies that work specifically with VA’s in India or Pakistan so there can be a bit of a language barrier in written or spoken tasks assigned. Your best bet is to go to a website or agency that allows you to choose and interview a native English speaker before hiring – unless of course, you’re looking for services in another language.

Websites like Upwork and Fiverr are a good place to start and can allow you to find a great VA at an affordable rate, but you may have to try a few on for size before you find the right fit for your personality and business needs. Use caution when hiring from these sites and assign small tasks initially to gauge a VA’s skill level.

Other, more reliable VA sourcing sites are UAssist.ME, redbutler.com, and zirtural.com. These sites cost a bit more, but they also vet their VA’s to ensure you get a better quality of service for your money. In this case, you get what you pay for so don’t be stingy.

What Kind of Tasks Can Be Assigned to a Virtual Assistant?

The list of assignments you can hand off to your VA is endless and is best determined in collaboration with your VA. Common tasks that VA’s routinely handle are:

  • Email filtering: A VA who handles the small messaging transactions but passes the heavy hitting ones off to you can save several hours of your workday.
  • Social media management: Every successful business requires an equally successful social media presence. Assigning your VA the job of regularly posting to Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and other platforms can take a significant chunk of work off your plate. Also, if your business runs a blog (and what business can get away without one these days), a VA can manage creating content for that as well.
  • Administrative duties: Data entry, bookkeeping, invoicing, and calendar keeping are often hard for busy entrepreneurs to juggle while simultaneously running a business. Handing them off to a VA can help keep things running smoothly.

In the end, a good and reliable VA is going to cost you a little bit. But the peace of mind you’ll have in knowing those small tasks the keep your business going are being completed while you hammer away at the bigger jobs is more than worth it.

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