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How to Create the Perfect Pinterest Profile for Entrepreneurs

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Jesse Gee
Jesse Gee is an entrepreneur who has successfully built over a dozen businesses in the construction, finance, & insurance industries.

Everyone is embracing Pinterest these days. And rightly so. Pinterest for entrepreneurs can drive huge traffic from a small amount of work, so it should absolutely be included in your marketing plan. Pinterest ranks only second to Google search engines and Google owned companies and statistic show that Pinterest users spend double than those referred by Facebook – Pinterest users are more ready to buy.

Lets get to work making your Pinterest profile the best it can be…

Entrepreneurs and small businesses  should be using Pinterest to market themselves too, and to get off to the bet start you should make sure you have created the perfect Pinterest profile for Entrepreneurs.

Below are some tips and instructions on how to make your Pinterest profile ready for business:

The Profile Picture

You need a profile picture if you want to run a successful business Pinterest. Whatever you do, do not leave the profile picture area blank. You want to use a clean, crisp and clear photograph as your profile picture. Your profile picture should be clear and bright.

As an entrepreneur you should really use a picture of yourself. People connect with people, they want to see you, learn about you and begin to trust you. Having a picture of you available for them to see just speeds up this process. As a small business, if you have a logo, it is totally okay to use this as your Pinterest profile picture. Do not use selfies!

Here are some examples:

pinterest for entrepreneurs pinterest for entrepreneurs pinterest for entrepreneurs pinterest for entrepreneurs


Your business name

If you are an entrepreneur who uses their name in their business, or whose name is well known alongside their business you can have your name in your business name. You can include your business name as part of the full name – for example Jesse Gee would work well as only Jesse Gee. If the business name was actually Jesse’s Tips your business name on Pinterest could be Jesse Gee | Jesse’s Tips.

You can actually use keywords in your Pinterest name. This would develop the name to Jesse Gee | Entrepreneurship, Leadership and Advice.


Your Pinterest username

Your username should be the same throughout all your social media channels. This makes it easy for users to search for throughout all of the channels and easily find you. Make the spelling simple. You want to be found. You are allowed up to 15 characters, you want to make sure you are using more than 5.


Your profile

A good idea is explain to your readers who you help, so explain to them what it is you do. This means sharing with them what they will see if they decide to follow you. For example: I give entrepreneurs advice on business, leadership and more. Check out my free tool to help entrepreneurs – http://bit.ly/2pG2tFd

This is being very clear with people about what they can learn from following you. You have given them a call to action to check out your website (or whatever you choose.) They are now very clear on who you are and what you offer to them.


You need to follow these four steps to make a killer Pinterest profile. You now have a friendly, and inviting profile which is very clear on who you are, and if offering your new followers tools and resources they can use immediately to help them with their own business growth.


Article by:

Natasha Haley

Natasha is a blogger and business owner at Meldrums on the Move. She has been involved in running social media pages for small businesses for the past few years and has recently created her blog to share social media insights and tips with others.

Natasha Haley – Meldrums on the Move

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