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Rebranding Strategies-Tips and Questions to Ask Yourself

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Rebranding Strategies

There are many reasons an organization or a business would consider rebranding and there are many ways to go about it. Before rebranding a business, it is important that the right plan is made, as this rebranding process may be the core step your business needs to improve its services, products, and overall marketing.

Over time, successful companies from startups to Fortune 500 have gone ahead to rebrand their business and this has strengthened the company’s presence in the eyes of their customers. Companies like Apple had their logo undergo several changes since 1976. Advancement in technology has made companies like Yahoo to rebrand and this led to a new name and logo. Even the tech giant – Microsoft, changed their logo several times before settling for their most recent logo in 2012. If you’re thinking of rebranding your business, here are some useful tips to get you started.

Ask yourself: Why should we rebrand?

What is your reason for rebranding? Are you merging your company with another brand? Or do you want to change the company’s structure and improve its image? There are several reasons why an organization considers rebranding. It is important to determine what and why you want to rebrand, as it will make it easier to start the process.  

Do your research

Without proper research, you may risk losing your business and your clients. The first research should be carried out on your employees and stakeholders, ask for their thoughts on the rebranding and present new ideas to them. Next, you can create email surveys for your potential and current customers, this will help you better understand your brand from the consumer’s perception. Another way to do your research is by keeping a close eye out on your competitors, keep up with the trends of the industry or you could become obsolete.

Use Messaging to Capture Your Brand Strategy

Find a way to relate with your customers by giving them your new story that brought about a successful rebrand. Answering questions such as “Why should I buy from you?” with stories rather than sales pitch can improve the trust and relationship with the customer. These messages must be consistent with your new brand and supportable.  

Build Your Brand Identity

During a rebrand, you should consider taking inventory of identifiable assets that need to be changed.  Visual elements such as Name, Logo, Tagline, Business Card Design, Colors, Stationary, and the likes, describe a brand identity.

Build Your Website and Online Presence

Your website and online presence are the most important communication and business development tools. It is the first place potential customers will turn to learn about your business, therefore it is important that your website is built on a framework that is optimized for both web and mobile. Take your business to social media platforms and grow your brand’s online presence using compelling stories to market your new brand to your audience.


After building a plan and changing the brand visuals, it is time to roll out and show the world your new look. The first launch should be internal so that the employees can be trained and educated on the rebrand. All company communication channels should be filled with the new brands: this include, sales tools, website, social media, and signage.

Be consistent

After launching your rebranded company, you should be consistent in promoting your new brand.  There may be positive and negative criticism from staff and consumers, therefore you should monitor your consumers’ reaction and feedbacks from email surveys and on social media. Do not make major changes, just a few tweaks to features that may not work well. Too many changes over a short period of time may cause your customers to be disinterested.  When you rebrand your business, be consistent and stay relevant in your industry.

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